Fandanga is a new style/old world group that brings together traditional flamenco styles and melodies with modern dance and house beats.

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CD Release

Working on the finishing touches of the CD and trying to finalize some of the graphics. Still haven’t decided on the cover photo even though we’ve uploaded a cover for album art. For now we’re going to stick with the cover that we’ve put online until we’ve made the final decision. There a quite a […]

More Networks

We’ve set up a couple of new accounts on some social networks. The list is growing all the time so it’s getting hard to keep track of it all. Here are some links to some of the new pages that we’ve set up. Come by if you can and add us as a friend or […]

Goals for ’09

Here it is: – release a couple of singles and remixes (we’ll be asking for your vote on which tunes make it on the CD) – CD release early spring – a couple of local shows – summer tour There it is. It doesn’t take much space but there’s a lot to do. All of […]

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